Whether you’re scheduled for a teambuilding activity for your job or just enjoying a fun and challenging evening out with friends, escape rooms have become all the rage in group entertainment. Who needs to catch a heist movie when you can complete a heist yourself? Why read up on Sherlock Holmes when you can solve mysteries like one of the pros? In escape rooms, you are placed in mysterious scenarios with your team and asked to complete a goal before time is up. Use these tips to help you flex your critical thinking muscles and emerge victorious.

Lock and Key Escape Room Buffalo NY

Play Nice

Once you’ve enlisted your team, it’s up to you all to play nicely together. The saying, “there’s no ‘I’ in team” applies here. If your teammate makes a big discovery, encourage them. Avoid becoming jealous as it’ll just make the experience miserable for everyone.

Listen to each other while you’re inside the room. In escape rooms, your best bet is to try everything, so even if your wacky friend has an equally crazy idea, give it a go.

If you’re ever stuck, ask for hints.


It can be very difficult to stay organized when you’re racing the clock, but your success depends on it. Try not to be a spectator when you could be solving other puzzles in the room. If you notice a person or two solving one puzzle, search for another to work on. Dividing and conquering will lead you to victory.

When you utilize prop items, be sure to keep them organized as well. Used keys should stay in their locks and items that have yet to be used should be separated from the items that have already served their purpose.

Stay Safe

All too often, escape room hosts have to shut down a game because someone broke a vital prop. Be gentle with all the props – they aren’t yours. For the host’s sake as much as yours, don’t play drunk. Escape rooms are more fun with a sober and ready-for-anything mentality.

When exploring the room, avoid the ceiling tiles, power outlets and light switches. Not only are they never the answer to your problems; they’re dangerous as well.

Conquer Your Next Escape Room Adventure

Escape rooms are a fantastic change from everyday entertainment. Win or lose, you’re sure to have an awesome experience that brings you closer to your team. To learn more about scheduling your escape room adventure, contact Lock and Key Escape Room online or call 716-262-0192.


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