Fan World 2016 in Niagara Falls will be getting its own escape room! Lock & Key Escape Room will be bringing a brand new new escape game to this year’s convention. Our room will be located in the Niagara Falls Conference Center in Niagara Falls, New York. The room will have a sci-fi theme and is entitled “The Search for the Timelord.”

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Fan World: The Search for the Timelord

“The Doctor is missing right when the world needs him the most!  He disappeared shortly after regenerating and is lost somewhere in the midst of a gaming convention.  You, his most trusted companions, must unlock the mysteries of his time machine and recover his sonic screwdriver before tie runs out. If you fail the world as we know it may end!”

Registration is now open for The Search for the Timelord!  You can book you time slot by clicking on our Book Now page.  Be sure to select ‘Search For The Timelord’ at the top of the booking page to see available times.

In order to participate in The Search for the Timelord you must have tickets to Fan World.  This is a 30 minute escape game.  Tickets are $15 a person and are in addition to your Fan World registration costs. We will be running games all day Saturday from 10 am to 9pm.

Due to limited time slots this is not a private booking, unlike our normal escape rooms.  Other players will be allowed to play with you. If you wish to take part in the escape room with just your friends or family you will need to purchase all 5 tickets for an available time slot.

Please be sure to arrive 10 minutes early to your scheduled time to go over the rules of the game.  If you show up late time may need to be deducted from your game time.

Fan World is a cross border convention dedicated to gaming, anime and comics.  It will be held at the end of August, from the 26th to the 28th.  It will feature 24 hours a day gaming along with vendors and events the entire weekend. Registration is now open with tickets for $39.  The price of registration will cover the entire weekend.

To book the Search for the Timelord head here:

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For more information or tickets to Fan World visit:

Thanks, and hope to see you at the convention!


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